Maia Aela – The girl from planet Akleja

Maia Aela – The girl from planet Akleja

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Maia Aela – The girl from planet Akleja is a great and very interesting book written by Jennyli Gustafsson. This is the story of a world that is crossing trought a change, the search for a soulmate and the mediating of important messages to humanity. Central caracter of the story is Maia Aela, a young girl and the light inside her soul reaches the veils of illusion here on Planet Earth. She sees and hears things that are out of this world, as she lived her previous life on planet Akleja, a place that belongs to the star called Maia. In the meeting between these two worlds, Earth and Akleja, there is a portal of dimensions erected through which Maia creates a connection with her ancestors. The encounter with her dead sister is of crucial significance, not only for Maia but also for Mother Earth as a whole. Her meeting with Ernesto from Peru is a part of an ancient prophecy that mentions the north bringing ancient Indian wisdom back to light and spreading these messages on Earth. Maia acts as the ambassador for every person whose mission is to seek their own divinity and who wants to understand how the universe will help everyone that wants to find their way home.

Their many talks develop and create a vital image of the new human race that is about to be born. Ernesto also carries ancient wisdom from his forefathers to his grandmother. In a magical way this wisdom gets intertwined with the messages from planet Akleja. Maybe it is not a coincidence that Maia and Ernesto bump into one another. It might have been decided long before they were born in accordance with ancient Inca prophecies. The girl from the Scandinavia and the boy from Latin America have a joint mission; to unite north with south, modern with ancient and woman with man.Just like Mother Earth is seeking her twin soul to unite with, Maia is seeking hers. The air of mystery thickens with the many messages, symbols and incidents in Maia’s life. As the reader you can apply the essence of this to your life and in that way help Mother Earth to be blessed with a timeless soul mate. This idea helps her rise into a state of vibration and will free her from all the suffering. The book welcomes you to take part in a breathtaking journey through your inner universe, where you at the same time will be given the opportunity of looking outwards to unfamiliar and unknown and interesting galaxies. Links and more info about the book:

More Info about the author: Jennyli Gustafsson.  

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  1. Thanks a lot for your review Alex. I have been writing this, and my other books, with automatic writing. I have always been attracted to the ancient indian traditions and wisdoms about nature, the spirits of nature and their way to interact with the living energies of nature. In 2006 I had an initiation from the spirit world and suddenly a flood of messages started to pour throught my hand. As recently as a year ago I understood that the informtion comes from the Pleiades, from the star called Maia (Thats why the girl is called that). The Incas and the Mayas comes from that star and for sure thats not a coincidence. In the book Maia gets in contact both with that star in the Pleiades and with the inka descendant here on earth through Ernesto from Peru. The mission is to reveal some important keys for human spiritual growth wich in this time is crusial since we are passing through some great shifting in consciousness and vibration here on Earth. The messages will truly help us to pass through much easier. For me this book is absolutly true. The planet Akleja may be a metafor for a place were those ascended masters or inka/maya ancestors dwells. They can be thought about as angels if you want. I have been working with the different keys or steps since 2007. You can say that I have been trained by the spirit world. And Maia Aela is the result of this training that is supposed to help humanity passing througt to the new era. We have about three years (to 2017) that will be more or less caotic for many reasons and we need to be mentaly stable and recocnise our own divinity and really great soul.
    Thank you Alex for sharing information about Maia Aela.
    Best regars
    Jennyli Gustafsson
    (PS. I will soon make an order from you)

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