Start Having an Active Lifestyle!

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It’s not a secret that most of us currently don’t live an active lifestyle and they don’t have the willing to start one in the nearest future.

We live in a world where people had evolved very quickly specially in the past Fifty years. We traveled to the moon and space, we can travel the world in a single day, we invented a lot of things to improve our life, some of them are useful, some of them are bad for our health and environment.

We are smarter as time passes but it’s really strange that we don’t give to much importance to our health even if we know that is an significant thing to do. Our job is covering most of our time working more and more hours, and when we arrive home, we sit confortably on our sofa waching TV and we forget about doing some workout to maintain our body healthy. It’s not a bad thing to do but It’s getting bad if you’re doing it every day for a long period of time.

Some people are aware the lack of exercise can damage their health, they have a shred of desire to start exercise but there’s laziness, a distraction or “I will start next week” phrase but that next week never comes, while some of them have all their time allocated for other activities.

Get Started Right Away!

Don’t find excuses and don’t search for a cloud on the clear sky or of you have doubts about when or what should you do, can’t find my trainers, I don’t know what to wear, don’t let them sit to much in your mind because if you start thinking too much you will never do it. The doubts are like a brickwall blocking your path to your desired actions.

Start An Active Lifestyle Without Feeling Overwhelmed!

A great way to start an active lifestyle is to start slow. Most of the people are making the mistake of starting with a tough exercise schedule and most of them can’t keep up because their body is not use to that kind of effort. Best way to do it is to start with some simple tasks like walking. Walking is a great thing to do that helps your mind to.
If you know a nearby restaurant you can have dinner with your loved one there walking.
When you go at work park your car further on, you inevitable will walk more that you use to do, or find a fun way to do it like playing with you dog, or walk your dog more often.

How Can I Do It Without Getting Bored?

Always plan a bigger goal for the future. Some of the people have a great start but they getting bored about same routine. It’s a good idea to keep track of you current performace or
If you run 20 minutes per day for a long period of time, start setting up a goal like running 30 or 35 minutes per day, or let’s say you weight a few extra pounds and you want to get fit, try setting up a goal like, I want to lose 8 pounds in the next 2 months.
Another way of not getting bored is to do different activities. If you usually running 3 times a week and you have a favorite sport or like playing basketball of football, consider doing that instead of running.
Playing your favorite sport can be really fun if you do it together with your friends, you mix the fun and the exercises together.

Take action!

The most important thing afer all is about taking action. Start to remember that you need to take care and maintain your body’s healthy. You need to find some free time for yourself too and embrace a better and active lifestyle that it’s going to revitalize your mind and body. Your going to love doing exercise after all, trust me! It’s just about starting, then you gonna feel the great part of it, and you will keep doing it.
I’ll see you on the track!

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