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Transfer Factor Plus or 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-factor Formula is a new mantra for a stronger and improved immune system!!!


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A lot has been written and said about the significance of balanced immune system. It is an inbuilt mechanism of the human body to fight against the foreign invaders (bacteria, virus and other pathogens) and keep the body protected. An undenying fact, the atmosphere we live in behomes trillions of disease causing germs, in such scenario coming in contact with germs is nothing unnatural. And this vulnerability towards germs and the diseases can be checked by strengthening the immune system of the body.

Without any if or buts, the world we live-in is fast paced and the food we eat is not enough to adhere to the balanced & optimal keyword as long as the immune system is concerned. Yes, call it a bliss in disguise, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-factor Formula in combination with healthy living habits can fructify the immune system of the body for a lifetime.


What is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-factor Formula and how it is helpful?

As the name suggests it is a super enriched formula which helps in maintaining balanced quotient of immune system adhering to the needs of the body. The active constituents or the ingredients of this formula help the body’s fight-back mechanism to respond effectively and quickly to the foreign body attack. Speaking of numbers, it boosts the functioning of the natural killer immune cell up to 400%.
Unlike other supplements shelved at the corner retail outlets, which are branded as minerals or vitamins, adding essential nutrients to the human body, the transfer factors are the cells that transfer immunity knowledge of a system to the human body.


4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-factor Formula, the transfer factor adds intelligence to the immune system in a threefold way:


1. Recognition

It helps the immune cells in recognizing the invading germs or the disease causing foreign bodies in a quicker way.

2. Response time

Once the unwanted foreign body is identified by the immune cells, the transfer factor initiates a speedy response to the invading germs.

3. Retention

This factor works as a memory booster for the body, it helps in remembering the particular make-up of the disease causing foreign body encounter by the immune system, making the body equipped and prepared for the next time.



What is the source of this Immunity booster?

Well, we know how a mother passes vital immune to her baby through her feed. This applies to all animals; mammals pass on through the mother’s first milk, whereas the other animal shares info through egg yolk.

And this indeed is the base of the, 4life Transfer Factor Plus tri-factor Formula. The transfer factors, which are key ingredients in a tri-factor form are extracted from chicken egg yolk and the colostrum of the cow.



Exclusivity of the Tri-factor Formula:

  1. Imparts intelligence to the immune system of the body.
  2. Enhances and balances the fight-back mechanism of the body against disease causing germs.
  3. A proven way to supercharge the natural killer cell activity at around 400 percent.
  4. A proprietary blend of natural ingredients.


Find out more about this great product and other 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Products by visiting the Products Page.


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